Dr. Terry Royce

Dr. Terry Royce

Where does one start with Emmanuel as a personal trainer? Well at the beginning – I am now 55 years old. I came to Emmanuel after 30 years or so of consistent attempts at gym training. But it was the same story every time. In almost every case I would get into the training and do well for 5-6 weeks, and then I would strain something, pull a muscle etc, and then end up spending 2-3 weeks getting over it. Momentum lost. Start again.

I have been with Emmanuel now for two and a half years and he has revolutionized my training. In the time that I trained with him I have NOT injured myself as I used to. In fact the lower left back, right shoulder, and knee problems I have been nursing over all those years have gone! I now have the strongest core muscles I have ever had.

Central in the training is Emmanuel’s style. He is supportive but firm. If you lag in attitude he is not afraid to forcefully encourage you to work harder. Coupled with his honesty, integrity, excellent sense of humor, and strong personal core values, Emmanuel is the best.

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