Enagic Kangen Water

1. Electrolysis Cell With 8 Electrode Plates Ensures High Power.

The Electrolytic Cell Is Equipped With Eight Electrode Plates, Which Is Powerful And Compactly Designed. 

It Is Possible To Produce A Good Amount Of Electrolyzed Water Of Which The Value Of ORP Is Included In The Range Of +1130mV And -800mV And Which Boasts Of Good Effects. The Kangen Water® Contains A Lot Of Hydroxide Ions (OH-) And Positive Ions (Such As Calcium Ions) Produced By Electrolysis, And It Also Contains Hydrogen. (That Depends On The Choice Of Resulting Water And Original Water)

2. A Clear, Easily Viewable, Large LCD With A Touch Panel Makes It Easy To Operate.

You Will Be Notified By A Large-Sized Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) And The Voice Promoted Guide. Easy To Use Touch Screen. 
A Clear, Easy Viewable, Large-Sized LCD And Voice Prompts Shows You Of The Water Being Produced (Kangen Water®, Acidic Water, Strong Acidic Water*, Or Purified Water) And Other Necessary Information. The Operation Is Very Easy. Introduction Of A Touch Screen Panel Has Greatly Enhanced Ease Of Operation.

*When You Push The Button For Strong Acidic Water, The Secondary Hose Releases Strong Acidic Water And The Flexible Pipe Releases Strong Kangen Water® At The Same Time.

3. With 8-Language Display And Voice Prompt, You Can Use It With Ease.

 For Display And Voice Prompt, You Can Select From 8 Languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, And Portuguese (Voice Prompt Changes Automatically Upon Change Of Language Display).

4. Supporting Multi-Voltage Power Input, Can Be Used Anywhere In The World.

This Product Supports Multi-Voltage Power Input That Can Be Used Anywhere In The World(Accompanying Power-Supply Cord Varies Depending On The Country Of Use).

Kangen 8