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Let's Get Moving

Let's Get Moving

Thinking about having a new trainer and new life

Need a new lease on life to become fitter - stronger - leaner?

New Clients - Book your 1st Training Session for assessment to devise a plan to change your health and if your not happy just walk away with no questions asked. My focus is your health and Dynamic Lifestyle.


Required Steps to changing your life and health with the 1st session!

1. We measure internally. Fat %, muscle to fat ratio, water intake %, the actual age of your health.

2. Measure your physical body - both arms, chest, stomach, hips, and legs. 

3. Questions concerning daily lifestyle - details into sleeping, work, lifestyle, nutrition and water intake.

4. we will use small weights and different inquiries to measure your posture.

5. Discuss the process of the plan on how we will work together in helping achieve the desired results. 


Have a look at some of the google reviews to see if I am the ideal person to help achieve the desired results. 

After 15 years as Personal Trainer, I have discovered the shortcuts in helping you achieve results. Yes, you will work hard and smarter but I will teach you how to be independent in understanding your body. If its fat loss, building muscle, fixing chronic injuries or improving posture, Dynamic Lifestyle will help you reach your goal to perfection. 


Its time to make that change - enough is enough so don't put it off - click the red button and book now. 

Press the red button below to book!


Suffering from chronic/acute injuries and need pain relief - then book in for December and January where I'm giving $25 off all treatments concerning Remedial massage. Over 15 years experience in the health industry achieving results where others have failed. What makes me different is I don't just treat you as I also believe in educating you on living a pain-free life as I have extensive experience in using personal training for rehabilitation and I am the only level 2 Kanetica practitioner in NSW. stop suffering from pain! All health funds accepted on the spot and only subject to new patients/clients.

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