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Reach your 2019 goal with these 6 steps.

Reach your 2019 goal with these 6 steps.

Reach your 2019 goal with these 6 steps. Make sure 2019 is different by making these changes. My favorite is number 5.

Are you thinking about new goals heading into the New Year? 

Don't even bother! It’s a waste of time because you’re likely to give up- unless, of course, you have a coach to help you stay accountable—a coach who is constantly and continuously supporting your goals.


It takes 5000 repetitions to break a habit, and 500 to make a new one!

Are you thinking about achieving the desired goal for 2019? Here are 6 steps to start working on!

1. The desire must be massive, and it needs to be a spiritual thing, too. If you’re thinking just with your gut - or head - you have already failed.  With desire comes a passion connected to the big picture that consumes you daily. This picture is very clear in your mind and helps to bring your goal to the forefront of your consciousness.  Even if you're nowhere near your goal this picture has to be clear and precise, because of the better the picture the more realistic the goal.


2. You don't want the goal to be too simple or too easy, because then you won't reach it! 


3.  Example - when a client wants to lose body fat in a short period the odds are that the client will add fat on pretty quickly when things become tricky or difficult. The reason? The hard work was not planned. Old habits and attitudes have to be changed from within!


4. In order to change an internal direction, or habit, it’s important to increase the strength of the WHY! The HOW is much easier – It not only takes time but may possibly cause heartache and pain. It may mean you may have to go into your past or deal with hurt -Most people would rather head the other way! 


5. Until you change the negative into a positive -your goal will seem very much unreachable. Negatives have enormous power. It’s easier to make a negative habit than a good habit. Would you not agree that it's easier to do something evil or nasty than it is to something nice and Godly?


6. By working with an understanding, empathetic coach you will gain the strength to start to change the negatives into positives. You will gradually feel empowered, both physically and psychologically. Your self-confidence will increase, and you will begin to focus more strategically, and effectively on your goals.


These goals are challenging! Why not enjoy the experience and allow it to change your life for the better?  Yes, of course, there's more hard work needed to reach your goals, but this will get you started! 

Written by Emmanuel Elturk


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