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How To Do a Deadlift

How To Do a Deadlift

How to do a dead life!



Can You Do a Perfect Deadlift?


So many people come into my clinic with lower back pain not how knowing how the pain got in the first place. 

The hip rotators need to be mobile as it needs to move in different directions. before doing any kind of deadlift make sure you stretch the spine as it needs to be elongated from cervical to the sacrum. This is mainly to build the hamstring, glutes, and lower-back. It is wise to make sure you have an experienced professional show you correctly as this exercise down incorrectly can do some real damage. 

 What not do!

1. Bend through the back!

2. Stiffness in the hips and pelvis!

3. Push through the toes when coming up vertical! 

4. Losing the straightness of the spine!

5. flexibility inside the joint!

6. Don't push the hips the in or out!

7. pushing the neck/forward forward


What you should be doing when deadlifting!

1. Keep the spine in and muscles out from the head to the hips as you bend down

2 Losen the hip joint and pelvis to help identify the glutes so it can be turned on!

3. make sure you bend through the hip rotators and not through the back. 

4. Don't lose your posture as you bend forward

5. on the way up push through you heal keeping your feet aligned from hips to knee and third toe. 

6. squeeze your glutes as you drive through from bottom to top!the diagram. 

7. The most important this controls your breath using your diagram. 


It's very important to have an experienced professional show you how to perform the exercise correctly. It is also a good idea to have a massage practitioner check your body for any issues stiffness and mobility throughout the whole body!


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