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Fast Twitch Stretches

Fast Twitch Stretches

These are the only four stretches you will ever need!


These stretches can be completed on your own anywhere. Always before any stretch always maintain good posture and remain intune with your body. It is important to make sure your body is properly hydrated as it will effetely help you maintain a better stretch that will last longer. The point of this blog is not to confuse with the different types of stretches so I have tried to keep it simple by knowing if fast twitch or slow twitch are needed. In short if I was going to work out, I need the muscles cells/fibers to respond in a fast fashion where power is needed and they are contracting and releasing.

Often when I apply fast twitch stretches I’m trying recruit as many muscles fibres as much as possible I need the body to move in a rapid pace. This may include lower half and upper half of the body in one stretch specialty if I was to do a gym session. Always attempt 12 reps to 2 sets taking 2 to 4 seconds between each rep.

1. Lower and upper body stretch:

As you lunge forward with one leg the opposite hand is raised above the head. We are recruiting quad/hip flexor/ lats/shoulder and arm.

3. Lower back and upper back fast twitch stretch:

I call it the dog stretch! On a mat bending your knees under your chest in a prone position. Your glutes should be touching the back of  heal with spine arms stretched out. As you move forward leading with the head past the hands at the same push the hips towards the floor and torso towards the air. Make sure when you work back into position that you lead with the glutes and not the lower back. Muscles recruited – Lower back/spine/hips/and neck.

4. Stretching of the hip flexor in a standing position.

Stand against a pole and swing the one leg in front of the other leg to border of maximum. Sometimes you may hear a tiny click but that is okay. Muscles recruited – Lower back/ inner thigh and hip flexor.


Thnanks for reading my blog and watching my video, I’m always here to help in anyway so feel free to comment or email me any questions!

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