About Dynamic Lifestyle

Hi There!

I'm Manny Elturk, the Founder Of Dynamic Lifestyle. My Career in the fitness and health industry Began as a Personal Trainer In 2003. A personal passion for health & fitness, I embarked on a journey Of advocacy for self-improvement in Helping Others To Realise Their True Potential. In order to achieve results and a change of lifestyle, I've had to work extremely hard to turn my internal nature to a kind loving gentle human, while my exterior is manifested to a body that thrives on hard training. As my body age, I have to work harder and smarter because everything wants me to slow down. 

Why did I get into health and fitness?

In my teenage years, I was always getting myself into trouble, so I needed a way out and training gave me that freedom. I would train every day to try and forget the pain which at the time it did work but then training grew on me. Also because of the past, I had depression which made it worse. I tried to take depression tablets but the only made it worse - so I just trained harder, faster and heavier. I did sometimes take drugs as an outlet but going to the gym was a major release which changed my mind forever. I did work as a change Manager for about 5 years but training is what filled my spirit, which also leads my martial arts - I had this idea of being the ultimate bodyguard - which of course didn't me anywhere even though I had some cool jobs an meeting a few celebrities. Wherever I went, people would ask me how to train particular body parts and I would inform with excitement and knowledge that would change the way they see things, then they would go and try it and the amazing - it works which would give me a gleam in my eye. Still now 30 years later, I still love helping clients achieve results. As I have to be been divorced and I have 5 kids, training is the only thing that keeps my internally motivated in helping myself succeed but helping you be eternally grateful, live a pain-free life, and look good at the same time. I have now been working as a personal trainer for 18 years and 15 of those years has been in the Mona Vale are so I know the area pretty well. I can easily move but there's something about mona vale that gives me peace in my heart and mind. I think when you recover from past pain, everything changes where you look at life differently and you look for the better things that can only be found internally. My go to in life is Jesus and training - yes, I still fail but I pick myself up and try again as I am a heart person with no regrets. 

I have helped clients achieve fat loss, strength training and all sorts of rehabilitation but most of all every single person has an experience that changes their lives. I do my very best to change their outcome by teaching new found knowledge that will keep for life and expression of the heart because that is important to me. Most of my clients have been with me for 10 years or more and the ones that have left are friends where we still meet on regular bases. I keep track of goals and life fulfillment not how much money I have received.

Why Train with Dynamic Lifestyle?

Because I care about your health, fitness, and lifestyle. I will never give up on your health and fitness because it's important to both us to reach your desired goals. If you have injuries, we will train around them or have a go in fixing them.  We will take measurements at the start and then every 6 weeks until we reach our goal because I demand progress with results. we will check muscle imbalances, posture, stiffness or weak muscles quite regularly. I will share a lot of fitness and health secrets that will amaze you because gaining results is a lot than you think. Going through your nutrition is not completely changing but finding something with a schedule. 

Its takes 5000 repetitions to break a habit and 500 repetitions to make a new one. 

Stop putting it off - let's make it happen together!


As A Qualified Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, And Kanetica Practitioner, I Have Been Working With Clients In The Northern Beaches In Sydney For Over A Decade.

There Is Nothing More Satisfying Than To Witness One Of My Client’s Health Improve Or Pain Relieved Through The Treatments, Training, And Most Importantly, Hard Work.


Emmanuel’s Experience & Qualifications are Extensive

Manny's Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Massage
  • Kanetica Level 1 & 2
  • Certificate 4 In Personal Trainer
  • Structural Balancing Level 1
  • Scientific Back Training (Paul Check)
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • Strength And Condition Level 1 (ASCA)
  • Senior First Aid
  • Massage Therapist Cert 4
  • Kick Boxing Level 1

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Emmanuel’s Experience

  • 28 Years Body Building
  • 18 Years of Personal Training
  • 15+ Years Rehabilitation Training Shoulder, Knee and Back
  • 6+ Years Kanetica Therapist
  • 6+ Years Massage Therapist
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Strength And Conditioning Specialist
  • Post-Natal Issues And Solutions
  • Life And Balance Coaching
  • Posture, Flexibility Imbalances & Core Function Correction
  • Dynamic Lifestyle Seminars.
  • Expert in Internment fasting